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Merissa Coello

Merissa Coello

Environmental Program Manager, Vespene Energy
Merissa is fascinated with the potential of innovative/intuitive technologies, like Bitcoin Mining, to increase the efficiency, resiliency, scale, and deployment of valuable resources like renewable energy, agriculture, water sources, and computing. On her path to becoming a well-rounded climate activist, she studied Environmental Resources Engineering and Atmospheric/Climate Sciences. Merissa mastered out of her Ph.D. program, where she was studying local fire weather, to pursue a career at the beneficial intersection of Bitcoin and the Environment. Now, Merissa is Environmental Program Manager at Vespene Energy, a landfill gas renewable energy developer focused on unregulated landfills in the US that use Bitcoin Mining as a monetizing bridge for these sites to achieve energy generation and grid connection. Merissa believes that Bitcoin is a powerful and well-rounded tool that we have in our fight for climate change mitigation.