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Romina Pyplacz

Romina Pyplacz

Global Head Of Data Architecture and Governance, E.ON Digital Technology
I am deeply driven by the profound impact of data on the energy transition and its implications for us as individuals. My passion for this field stems not only from a professional standpoint but also from a deeply humanistic perspective. I find immense joy in pondering and dissecting complex and challenging topics, particularly when they intersect with data analytics. As much as I am captivated by the digitalization of our world, I am equally drawn to leadership roles where I can leverage my skills to foster positive change. My journey in the Energy Industry, which began in 2010 with a focus on economics, has evolved to encompass data science and its management, culminating in my current pursuit of a doctorate in business administration. Beyond my professional endeavours and intellectual pursuits, I place great value on relationships, diversity, and the well-being of my family. In my leisure time, you will find me indulging in activities such as singing, cooking, and engaging in meaningful conversations. These aspects of my life nourish my spirit and contribute to my holistic approach to personal and professional fulfilment.