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Sebastian Deptalla

Sebastian Deptalla

Analytics Lead, InterWorks
Sebastian's passion is approaching everything as holistic as possible: How the universe works, how string theory works as well as how educational systems and politics work. Once he dives into a topic it is hard to get him out before he gets a grip of all the details and how they are connected as a whole. He is deeply invested in digital policy analysis where his ardent enthusiasm for numbers and facts is extremely helpful. Since 2016 – as a hobby – he is a trainer for public speaking and meeting moderation. Other than that he likes to visit oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and fountains, or short: if there's water, Sebastian has probably been there. He likes movie scores, binge-watching, campfires and is probably happiest when he lies in the grass with his friends under a clear night sky and watches our galaxy revolve around itself. At InterWorks Sebastian's mind revolves around challenges instead of problems and each challenge is more than welcome for him. He tackles it by listening, understanding, inspiring and teaching creative solutions – always mindful of the details and the bigger plan alike.