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Susanna Kass

Susanna Kass

Data Center Advisor, UN SDG-EP & Chief Sustainability Officer, Infraprime
Susanna Kass is a Data Center Advisor on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In this role, she engages private sector leadership, academic researchers, and public institutions to jointly promote sustainable energy within the international Data Center sector and global verticals industry. Through mutually beneficial collaboration, the goal setting, sustainable development projects to further the vision of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Kass is one of the researchers for The Clean Energy for America, her focus is to provide scientific based evidence for America to revamp Carbon Neutral infrastructure and to support the new enactment to the Paris Agreement.Kass is one of the co-inventors to lead Clean Energy Standard for the European Union to promote carbon free data center projects for EU with the Clean Hydrogen Group Consortium; Equinix, InfraPrime, RISE, Snap, SolidPower, TECH4Fuels, Vertiv. Kass is an Energy Fellow, lecturer at school of engineering at Stanford University and Cornell University Energy Systems Institute. She is a guest lecturer at The National University of Singapore. She works with the researchers at IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the Sustainability Institute at MIT, Columbia University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, SDSU, NMSU to foster research and cooperation. Kass is the co-founder, Chief Sustainability Officer of InfraPrime, a Switzerland startup focus on providing simultaneous resilient and sustainability infrastructure offerings products include on premise net zero clean energy design services for Data Center, Net Zero PowerShell decarbonization storage and Circlular Network to upcycling emission to innovation throughout the life cycle and sustainability metrics reporting. The company since its founding in beginning of 2020 is selected in 2020 by the European Union for the Clean Energy project Eco Edge Prime Power to lead the standard definition on clean energy infrastructure for cloud, edge, and colocation providers. Department of Energy (DOE) decarbonization lab collaboration and clean energy standards aim to accelerate Clean Energy for America to revamp clean infrastructure. Previously, Kass held senior IT roles in Cloud Sustainability design and builds across 17 countries for over 30 years, and concurrently she worked for 12 years in the Clean Energy sector; she was COO, eBay International, GM APAC Data Center Operation, VP, Global Data Center Business Operation, Head of Innovation at NextEra Energy, EVP Innovation and Global Operations at BASELAYER Inc. Her client includes Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, John Hopkins University, Akamai across the globe. Kass is an inventor, she holds patents in clean energy design, advanced modular technology for grid connected data center.