Tech Show 2023

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Bytes2Heat: Where Waste Heat meets Purpose

11 Mai 2023
Bytes2Heat aims to overcoming the challenges associated with the utilization of waste heat generated by data centers. As our digital needs continue to grow, data centers consume vast amounts of resources. While operating, they generate an immense amount of waste heat, which is often released unused into the environment. Therefore, this session will discuss how Bytes2Heat is seeking to sensibly use waste heat from data centers. The Bytes2Heat team will present their innovative solutions that were developed in collaboration with experts through interviews and design thinking workshops. The solutions include a matching-tool that brings together heat sources and sinks, a best-practice overview that shows how low-temperature waste heat from data centres can be used, and a profitability calculator that enables potential pilot projects to quickly check the economic viability. In the long-run, all these tools will be made available on - the platform for waste heat utilization from data centres. This session also gives a brief insight into pilot projects that are being developed as part of the project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. So, if you're interested in the sustainability of data centers, join this session to learn more about Bytes2Heat, its innovative solutions for waste heat utilization and how they contribute to a sustainable future.
Mira Weber, Projektmanagerin - Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz e.V.
Benjamin Ott, Research Associate - Institute for Energy Economics and Rational use of Energy - University of Stuttgart