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Fireside Chat: Sustainability Innovation: An afterthought in favor of low-cost data centers or A Unique Differentiator?

10 Mai 2023
Non-sustainable solutions deployed globally have resulted in rusting and carbon-heavy data centers, creating environmental liabilities for companies and the surrounding communities. Retrofitting and remediating these facilities come at a high cost, and without a more sustainable approach, we risk repeating these mistakes on a larger scale.
In this fireside chat, Susanna and Tony who have led Gigawatts of Data Centers for AWS, Meta-Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs will share their journey and outlook with audience to explore Sustainability Computing is a game changing moment to invert the business as usual to transform the direction of clean energy infrastructure toward greater sustainability for people, our planets and growth/profits. Join us as we discuss pragmatic experience by two of the Top 10 Data Center Infliencers to follow on Linked in; Susanna Kass and Tony Grayson
Susanna Kass, Data Center Advisor, UN SDG-EP & Chief Sustainability Officer - Infraprime