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Future Proof Data Center Delivering Brand Promise for People, Our Planet and Profit

10 Mai 2023
The climate and biodiversity crises, combined with the social and economic equity crises, are providing momentum and incentives for staying the course of sustainability. According to IPCC, the research has breathed new life to climate action using good science. There were new climate laws in the United States under the current administration after enacting back to the Paris Agreement on Jan 20, 2021, and in Europe. The climate deniers were replaced by more climate action leaders. Resistors are being overcome by mainstream climate enthusiasts who are predominately companies that reinvent themselves to sustain beyond meeting financial profits.
It is imperative for any company to be sustainable in the years ahead to not be short sighted and lack a culture that embraces sustainability. Investing in people and sustainability with a focus of differentiation is the key brand promise to employees, customers, stakeholders to future proof its long term growth, to be sustainable through sustainability strategy. Susanna Kass is the global trailblazer in promoting clean energy growth and a thriving economy that is sustainable. She is an entrepreneur to scale business from the ground up to $Billions USD across 17 countries of over 3.3 Gigawatt. Her clients include UN SDG-EP, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Meta-Facebook, Goldman Sachs and content providers who deliver live streaming media decarbonized from basecamps to media production. Kass shares her experience and insights to address resources consumption throughout its life cycle and practical approach on decarbonize supply chain through sustainability observability to achieve suppliers’ social and environmental impacts, help assess how to reduce carbon footprint for products sold and step by step guide of an end-to-end strategy of a net zero operation.
Susanna Kass, Data Center Advisor, UN SDG-EP & Chief Sustainability Officer - Infraprime