Tech Show 2023

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Making an informed decision – Easy calculations of CO2 Data Center emissions

10 Mai 2023

As sustainability in data centers is becoming more and more prevalent, many operators ask themselves, where and how do I start? If I do improve energy efficiency, maybe due to replacement of older and inefficient equipment, or operational improvements, what will be the resulting reduction of carbon emissions? What are my Data Center lifecycle CO2e Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions? This presentation focuses on how two underlying carbon trade-off calculators will answer these and other GHG emission related questions. The key takeaway for the audience will be to better understand how energy efficiency measures directly relate to carbon reductions. It will also provide a clear understanding on how different technologies (Infrastructure and IT) impact carbon emissions. As a result, data center operators will be able to create what if scenarios that will help them to estimate carbon reduction measures.