Tech Show 2023

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Modular Hybrid Renewable Microgrids - Fulfilling the Global Need for Green Power at Pace

10 Mai 2023

What role will microgrids play in the road to 2050? Listen in as Piller Power Systems share how hybrid renewable microgrids accelerate the energy transition, and how modular solutions could be the best option for the future. With lower regulatory barriers, faster deployments and cost-effective scaling, modular solutions simplify the process for the developer while reducing financial risk. Key takeaways: Modular solutions provide significant advantages over traditional static, invertor and battery deployments Modular solutions accelerate the benefit of fast-to-deploy primary and back-up power, protecting return on investment Modular solutions simplify the process to deployment, making them easier to understand and pass regulatory barriers. Modular building blocks from cogeneration engines are the true grid replacement option for rapid construction of large scale microgrids with instant results toward emissions.