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Race to Net Zero

11 Mai 2023

The Journey to Net Zero when the Grid is NOT all green and the Energy Grid Resilience is NOT at 99.999% uptime performance presents a global challenge for Clean Cloud Providers to reach 24/7 Carbon Neutral Goals in the Race to Net Zero.

The IPCC released its research findings by Global Climate experts and researchers that if we can’t drastically reduce carbon emissions, our planet shall face more catastrophic consequences; floods in Germany Belgium, Italy, wildfire storms in California, USA, typhoons in Philippines, hurricanes in Rhode Island, Connecticut that caused loss of many human lives and irreversible damage to our environment and biodiversity species extinction. 

This panel will take a deep dive on Climate issues facing Data Center and each speaker shares insights of how to accelerate the Data Center industry to meet its Corporate Carbon Neutral pledge of creating a greener and more sustainable clean energy data center ICT infrastructure. 

This panel presentation is action-oriented: 

• each speaker shares the sustainability metrics for its progress in the data center industry; GHG reporting, energy, water usage and waste reuse for Net Zero operations

• action plan towards a Net Zero Clean Energy Transition focus on innovation and impact to tackle The Energy Crisis caused by geopolitical issues 

• show how new data center entrants can achieve 24/7 clean energy match


Susanna Kass, Data Center Advisor, UN SDG-EP & Chief Sustainability Officer - Infraprime