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Becoming Data Driven & Enhancing Metadata Quality

23 Mai 2024
Data Culture & Data Literacy , Data Governance
Becoming Data Driven & Enhancing Metadata Quality

In the Netherlands, a prominent ministry dedicated to ensuring the country's safety, liveability, and accessibility is embracing Data-Driven Working. This strategic approach enables the ministry to enhance its operations, respond more swiftly, and better prepare for future challenges. At the heart of this initiative is their Central Data Access Point (CTD), a comprehensive repository of the ministry's metadata.


The CTD program stands out, particularly within government sectors, for its progressive efforts to make all data assets easily findable, understandable, and accessible for reuse. The integrity and quality of the metadata are crucial to these efforts.


This session will delve into the Metadata Quality (MDQ) instrument, an innovative automated component developed and  integrated within the CTD to streamline metadata management. The MDQ component allows for the establishment of quality standards and the evaluation of data assets' metadata against these benchmarks. Utilised by data stewards across the ministry, this instrument provides valuable insights into the metadata's maturity level and identifies specific areas for enhancement.


If you're intrigued by the pivotal role of Metadata Management in enabling data-driven decision-making within your organisation, join us on May 22 at 12:00 PM in the Data Architecture Theatre.

Marco de Jong, CTO - IntoDq2