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Decoding Intersectionality in DevOps: The future of belonging

23 Mai 2024
How can we build a more inclusive DevOps environment? Understanding the multifaceted nature of diversity is crucial to building a sense of belonging. Join the Women in DevOps team for panel discussion on [date], where we’ll decode the power of intersectionality in DevOps.
Coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, intersectionality is a metaphor used to spotlight the ways in which our various social and political identities overlap, resulting in unique forms of oppression and privilege – in an inherently intersectional working culture like DevOps, embracing the many aspects of diversity is key to creating a sense of belonging.
With insight from our expert panellists, we’ll explore:
• Diversity’s impact on innovation
• How to cultivate an inclusive culture
• The importance of open dialogue and active listening
• Tips on how to diversify recruitment.
• Navigating resistance
Alfie Rice, Host & Global Ambassador - Women in DevOps
Billie Spencer, Moderator & DACH Ambassador - Women in DevOps
Shannon Kehoe, Ambassador for Germany - Women in AI
Ava Chawla, Global Director of Cloud Security - Algosec
Frank Satterwhite, Principal Cyber Security Consultant - 1600 Cyber GmbH
Erica Wolf, Lead Software Engineer