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How to build a SQL Copilot using Snowflake Cortex

23 Mai 2024
How to build a SQL Copilot using Snowflake Cortex
This session provides an overview of Snowflake Cortex, Snowflake's innovative platform designed to simplify the development and operation of Gen AI applications. We explore the unique features and capabilities of Snowflake Cortex that empower users to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning models into their data workflows.
The presentation also offers an exclusive look at how Snowflake has harnessed the power of its own platform to develop the recently launched Snowflake Copilot. This tool serves as a practical example of how Cortex can be leveraged to create intelligent applications that enhance SQL querying and data analysis.
Join us as we explore how Snowflake Cortex can transform the way you interact with and derive insights from your data. Whether you're a data scientist, a developer, or a SQL enthusiast, this presentation promises valuable insights into the future of AI-powered data management and analysis.
Fabian Gampfer, Senior Sales Engineer - Snowflake