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Microsoft Fabric - Experiences from the partner's perspective

22 Mai 2024
Data Fabric
Microsoft Fabric - Experiences from the partner's perspective
Join us for an insightful journey into b.telligent's experience with Microsoft Fabric. This 15-minute talk will be packed with practical know-how and hands-on learning from our direct application of Lakehouse, Warehouse, Streaming, and Data Science methods.
We'll dissect how we've leveraged the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric to revolutionize these different domains. Discover the hurdles encountered and tactical solutions devised to overcome them, ultimately enhancing our competitive edge. This session will also shine a spotlight on how we've integrated the diverse features of Microsoft Fabric into a unified, efficient system, dramatically improving productivity and operational speed.
Whether you're an experienced professional in this field or a keen beginner, this session offers a unique peek into the practical functionality and impressive potential of Microsoft Fabric. Tag along on our journey, tap into new possibilities, and collect practical insights to steer your own business's future direction.
Matthias Nohl, Competence Center Manager Azure Platform Solutions - b.telligent