Tech Show 2024

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Panel: Automating the Machine Learning Lifecycle: Tools and Practices for MLOps & LLMOps Success

22 Mai 2024
.Discussing what LLMs have brought to our lives compared to classical MLOps. The challenges and opportunities when applying LLMops. Examples of tools and services when working on MLOps/LLMops, discussing their impacts on efficiency, business value, security, standardization and many more, how to decide between them. Gain insights into optimizing workflows from data preprocessing to model deployment and monitoring.
Ömer Adigüzel, Technical Lead Generative AI - Lufthansa Group
Dr. Vera Roedel, MHMM, Lawyer and Co-Founder - Prof. Valmed®
Jürgen Stary, Solution Architect MLOps @ AI Factory - DB Systel GmbH
Mika Straka, Head of Big Data Research - Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG
Massimo Belloni, Data Science Manager - Bumble Inc.
Jens Bäuerle, Microsoft Data & AI Technical Specialist – Machine Learning - Microsoft