Women in Tech Panel & Networking Event

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"Keep Showing Up, and Leave the Door Open Behind You for Others"

Our Women in Tech panel addressed the shift in mentality in the tech industry and the importance of diversity.

Women have historically been underrepresented in the tech industry. CloserStill Media is committed to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in our conference programs. 

Key findings include:

- The impact of technology on business and the need for effective change management.

- Engaging non-tech communities and creating opportunities for women, girls, and non-STEM students to work in the field.

- The connection between AI and ethics and the role of technology in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

- Managing the expectations and pressures women face in the tech industry and balancing different roles and responsibilities.

This panel discussion was a small but important step towards a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.

A Special Thank You to our Panelists

  • Tatjana Tasan, Chief People & Sustainability Officer (CPSO) - Viridium Gruppe
  • Livia von Mitschke-Collande, Industry Leader Retail - Google
  • Miriam Kugel, Director - Talent Strategy - Engagement (EX) & Learning - EMEA & LATAM – LinkedIn
  • Aida Chouchane, Principal – ERNI
  • Romina Pyplacz, Head of E.ON Data Management and Governance - E.ON Digital Technology

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